The crisp, black color of asphalt is desirable, but it is not long-lasting. Often, the color fades after a few years of use, resulting in a gray color similar to concrete. Fortunately, there is a way to maintain the striking color and increase the longevity of your investment, and that is done with sealcoating. There are numerous protections and benefits offered by sealing your asphalt.

Protection from Accidents and Natural Elements

Applying a sealcoat to your asphalt lot will not only sustain the color, but it will also provide protection against accidents and corrosion. Most lots and driveways are prone to oil and chemical spills and other natural elements, but a sealed lot is protected from most common causes of damage.

  • Oxidation
  • Chemical Spills
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Frost
  • Water penetration
  • Oil

Beneficial to the Longevity of Asphalt

Protection and appearance are often the most appreciated aspects of sealing your commercial parking lots. However, while coating your concrete area is protective, there are other benefits that a sealcoat provides businesses.

  • Snow and ice melt faster
  • Prolongs the life of the asphalt
  • Enhances overall appearance
  • Reduces repair costs

 Application Reduces Financial Risks

In addition to the protections and benefits of sealcoating your asphalt, the coating also reduces the financial risks of lot maintenance. By restricting chemical and water penetration and speeding up the thawing process, sealcoating limits exposure to corrosion thereby increasing longevity and reducing repair costs. However, the application should be repeated every 3-5 years to maximize its benefits.

Asphalt is more than a cover-up and sealcoating is more than a beautifier. Contact T&K Asphalt Services by calling 781-524-7107 or sending an email to to learn more about sealcoating and discover how they can help you maintain your asphalt lot and driveways.