Whenever you add concrete to your business’s landscape, you will need to ensure the finished product is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Follow these 5 tips to make sure individuals with disabilities are able to easily enter your building and to avoid being fined for noncompliance.


Make Sure Your Sidewalk Includes a Curb Ramp

If the pathway from the parking lot to the entry of your business is blocked by a sidewalk curb you need to hire a contractor to add a curb ramp to the sidewalk. This allows individuals using a wheelchair, scooter, or similar aid to easily access the sidewalk and transport to your building.


Use Concrete for Access Ramps

While ADA requirements don’t specify a single material you must use for the ramp, they do state that access ramps need to be slip-resistant and not collect water. This makes concrete an ideal material to use for an ADA compliant ramp since it is both slip-resistant and porous, absorbing water instead of allowing it to pool.


Work With a Reputable Contractor

When choosing a paving company, ask companies if they are familiar with ADA compliance laws. It is up to the contractor to be familiar with ADA laws and ensure your concrete meets all requirements. If installed incorrectly, your company can be fined or sued.


Meet All Requirements for Landings

Access ramps must have a landing at both the top and bottom of the ramp. There are several requirements for these landings including:

  • The landing must be level
  • It must be as wide as the ramp
  • It must be a minimum of 60 inches long


Know When You Need Handrails

If your ramp has a rise of more than six inches, you will need to have handrails installed on both side of the ramp. Work with the contractor to make sure these handrails comply with all requirements.


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