When rain turns to snow and temperatures plummet, you need a quality snow removal service to keep your parking lot and walkways safe and usable. Discover what to look for in a quality snow removal service provider.


Prompt Response

The most important element of snow removal is a quick response time. Whether you’re looking at a few inches or a few feet, snow accumulation on your property requires clearing for safety. Don’t allow snow to hide your parking lot striping or prevent you from leaving the parking lot after a blizzard. A quick removal of snow accumulation ensures streamlined operation of your parking area.

A quality service provider responds quickly to your calls or offers flexible snow removal scheduling to ensure that a crisis is responded to quickly. At T&K Asphalt we provide a 24-hour “snow hot-line”, so you will always have someone to call. This prevents accidents and allows you to enjoy access to and from your property without safety or accessibility concerns.


Efficient Removal

Choose a company who is serious about snow removal. Rather than creating dangerous banks at the edges of your drive, a quality snow removal service provider will completely remove large amounts of snow from your property or establish a snowbank that is safely away from your parking spaces.

Experience is key. If you want the job done efficiently, call someone who has snow removal experience and proven results. Last year alone, T&K Asphalt Services plowed over 10 million square feet in 110 locations.


Innovative Solutions

Finally, an expert snow removal company offers more than a simple snowplow and pickup truck combination. Instead, premier removal services include a range of complementary additions:

  • Sand and salt application
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • De-icing
  • Pre-snow inspection

Each of these services offer another layer of protection when it comes to navigating snow-covered parking areas. Don’t let a little snow or even a massive blizzard prevent your customers from coming to your business or your vehicle from safely leaving the parking lot. Contact T&K Asphalt Services for experienced mechanics who provide quick responses and dedicated service. Call 781-524-7107 or send us an email today to learn more!