While you’re preparing your business for the holiday season, don’t forget to promptly remove snow from your asphalt driveway and parking lot. Snow plowing is important for the safety of your customers, but it can also prevent damage to your asphalt surface. Learn more about how snow affects asphalt by creating cracks, expanding potholes, and damaging the foundation of your parking lot. Discover how you can repair your parking lot and prevent further snow-related damage today.


The Freeze/Thaw Effect

Because water expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws, piles of snow and ice accumulation can be disastrous to your parking lot. Your parking lot heats up as the sun hits the black surface. As the sun sets and your business closes down for the night, cooler temperatures cause all that melted snow and ice to freeze. This expansion creates cracks, chips, and potholes in the surface of your parking lot.


Road Salt Considerations

Salt is often used to de-ice a parking lot. It’s a great option if you need to melt ice accumulation in areas that your customers and employees often walk. However, many de-icing formulas are harmful to the environment, so it’s best to use them as little as possible and consult a professional before doing so. Snow removal is a better way to prevent ice from forming and creating dangerous situations.


Promptly Repair Asphalt Damage

Instead of harmful road salt or damaged asphalt, choose a quality snow removal service to clear your parking lot and prevent the damaging effects of the freeze/thaw cycle. Over time, of course, snow and ice will still buildup and create small cracks and potholes. Prompt repairs can minimize damage and save you money over time.

Don’t let a minor crack become a major foundational issue this winter, work with a quality asphalt repair team who can assist you in restoring your commercial asphalt. Contact T&K Asphalt Services to receive a repair quote for your asphalt. Call 781-524-7107 or email us today to learn more!

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