As a property manager, it’s your job to ensure everything is in the best shape possible at all times. If you have noticed potholes in your parking lot, you should contact the professionals right away. Having potholes repaired in a timely manner is crucial to the function of your property. Here are a few reasons why.

Curb Appeal

Potholes are unsightly. They make a property look cheap and uncared for. Sometimes, the parking lot is the first section of a property that someone will see. You want customers, clients, potential tenants, and anyone else to see your property as tidy and well kept.


Perhaps one of the most important reasons to have your potholes repaired in a timely manner is safety. As the owner or manager of a property, the safety of your clients and tenants is a top priority. Too many individuals are busy looking at their phones while they’re walking, which could lead to someone stepping right into a pothole and getting hurt. A driver who lands a wheel in a pothole could lose control, causing an accident. There are so many ways potholes can cause a safety hazard, leaving you accountable, so it’s best to just get them repaired as soon as you notice them.

Financial Savings

Any repair that needs to be made will cost much less when it is taken care of right away. Potholes allow moisture down into the surface, which can break it down even further, expand the size of the hole, and create a more costly repair for the future. When you repair that small pothole, you can save money on what could have been a huge, expensive repair.

Contacting the Professionals

As the snow begins to fall, you make think it is too late to take action. However, with the advanced technology at T&K Asphalt Services, we can repair potholes all year long. Our Hot Box trailer is able to keep the asphalt warm, allowing it to fully fill the potholes without being halted by the cold winter temperatures. Emergency pothole repair is important, and at T&K Asphalt Services, we can take care of these emergencies at any time. Call 781-524-7107 or email us today to learn more!


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