Asphalt can be a stunning and durable parking lot or driveway solution. However, what happens when potholes develop? Without regular maintenance, your parking lot will not only need to be replaced, but it can also result in safety and liability issues. Keeping up on asphalt repairs is a difficult process for many property owners and managers. Understanding the importance of maintenance and how to budget for it properly will keep your asphalt safe and beautiful.

Avoid Emergency Budget Items

When you create a budget, you should allow yourself room to invest in preventative maintenance. Without a clear line item in your budget, you won’t have the financing to repair and stripe your parking lot. Small cracks can quickly become major potholes, which are much more costly to repair.

Understand Maintenance Options

Without asphalt maintenance, you are more likely to develop extensive problems. Even a small portion of uneven asphalt can cause people to trip and fall, damage vehicles, and much more. If not repaired, these small issues can grow and create several safety and liability issues.

Some potholes, however, do not need extensive repair work. Patching a pothole will keep it from deteriorating further, and in the end save you money. Having the pothole cut and patched quickly will prevent water from making its way under the pavement. If water forms under the pavement cracks and potholes will expand, requiring major excavation and resurfacing, which is far more expensive than filling a pothole.

Get Started Today

Don’t wait until a minor maintenance issue becomes an emergency project. Whether you manage a large property or a small parking lot, contact T&K Asphalt Services for a maintenance estimate. When properly included in your routine maintenance budget, repairing and restoring asphalt can be an easy and efficient process. Call 781-524-7107 or send us an email today!