Now that another New England winter is finally coming to an end, it’s time to venture out to see the condition of your asphalt parking lot, concrete sidewalks and curbs, catch basins and other areas that can affect your customers or tenants.

It is important to remember that your asphalt is an investment and needs to be inspected – just like a roof, HVAC and other capital items.

Here are a few thoughts to consider regarding your inspection process:

  1. Be sure to inspect all parking areas, access roads, structures, and drainage systems.
  2. Walk the area to look for faded lines, minor cracks, defects, and signs of trouble like water or mud coming up from the cracks or clogged catch basins.
  3. In cases of pavement distress, analyze the cause of the problem and review all options for repairing the damage. Money spent for the correct treatment now…will avoid larger expenditures down the road.
  4. Record details, dates and take pictures to assist in the budgeting process.
  5. Prioritize the items and call a professional asphalt contractor to meet you on site to review the specific problem areas. Some vendors can provide a free estimate with line items showing how much to budget for the repairs.

Remember that properly maintained asphalt can last 25 to 30 years. Be sure to understand your company’s goals for the property including safety and liability issues, appearance, preparing for a sale, or normal preventative maintenance to avoid large expenses in the future.

As with any significant part of your property management responsibilities, be sure to work with a professional asphalt maintenance company. Contact T&K Asphalt at if looking for a plan to protect your asphalt and eliminate problem areas.