About Us

Kevin Gosnell, Founder of T&K Asphalt Services, used to say: People Build The Organization. Employees enhance your brand and are the most critical asset of our organization. We boast the highest employee-retention rates in our industry; with many of our employees celebrating 20+ years with us. We provide our employees with the tools they need to succeed, grow, and flourish. We employ a full time Safety and Training Manager and provide state of the art, in-house training and certification programs utilizing our patented training modules. Additionally, our sales internship program for college student offers a look into T&K – from our sales philosophy to marketing and operations, we provide these interns with a solid foundation so that upon ‘graduation’, they are well-equipped to hit the ground running for us. We believe that the best employees are the employees that believe in your brand and work hard for you. Our employees mean a lot to us, and we appreciate the incredibly difficult work that they do and the long hours our crew endures. We give back to our employees by offering multiple employee appreciation events and providing them with comprehensive benefit packages.

Our History

30 years ago, two childhood friends from Hanover, MA formed a sealcoating company as a means to pay for their college tuitions. Post graduation, buoyed by three summers of sealing success, the duo went on to form T&K Asphalt Services, Inc. and quickly grew it into the largest commercial & residential asphalt business in New England. As the business matured, the company created a National Presence with T&K National and has the fastest growing Snow Removal business with T&K Snow. T&K’s success is rooted in integrity and excellence. We are passionate about customer service and gaining repeat business.

Our People

The Organization Builds the Company
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