bwIt all started when two childhood friends from Hanover, Massachusetts, started a summer business sealcoating driveways to pay their college tuition. They earned capital for their new business by selling a vending machine for a $600 profit. This profit allowed them to purchase a truck and some sealcoating supplies to form T&K Sealing (now T&K Asphalt Services).

Every time they sealcoated a driveway, they placed a make-shift sign out by the street. They were made of old lumber and the name T&K was spraypainted in black. It wasn’t pretty, but people started to take notice. Before you knew it, more and more signs adorned the driveways of Hanover and T&K was taking off.

After running it as a summer business for three years, they graduated college and decided to make T&K their first “real life” job. Driveways became parking lots and sealcoating became paving and from there, they launched their commercial division. They are now one of the largest asphalt companies in New England and have recently added landscape construction to their repertoire. With an average sales growth of 40% each year for the last four years, T&K Asphalt is a true entrepreneurial success story.

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