T&K Asphalt Created A Custom Ordering System Exclusively for Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

It has become a way of life in New England… get your morning coffee at your closest Dunkin Donuts. If it seems like there’s a Dunkin Donuts on every corner, that’s because there is! There are over 2,700 Dunkin Donuts franchises in the Northeast alone. That translates into over 2,700 parking lots to maintain.

Because Dunkin Donuts is sold as a franchise, they work with literally thousands of franchise owners. That’s why Dunkin Donuts has established the Dunkin Donuts Northeast Distribution Center (NEDC), a centralized vendor selection division. The sole purpose of this division is to pre-approve vendors and make qualified recommendations to the franchise owners so they don’t have to spend time interviewing and ‘trying out’ vendors themselves.

After working with another New England asphalt company that left her disappointed, Darlene Freitas, Equipment Manager for NEDC, chose to work with T&K Asphalt. “We needed a company who did exceptional work and matched our Northeast coverage area.” says Darlene. “T&K certainly met that criteria, but I was blown away by how accommodating they were to work with”.

To handle all of the field inquiries and orders, T&K put together a T&K/Dunkin Donuts brochure and order form and created a special Web site exclusively for Dunkin Donuts’ parking lot maintenance requests. This process makes it extremely easy for each restaurant to order and complete their asphalt projects in a timely manner.

Darlene Freitas adds “By going the extra mile to create a special program just for our franchise owners, T&K has made this otherwise complicated process remarkably easy.”

To inquire about an exclusive ordering system for your branch offices, call T&K at 781-826-3138.