T&K Asphalt Receives Good Grades From Harvard University

Harvard University

When one of your customers is Harvard University, the most prestigious educational institution in the world, you’d better be good at what you do.

T&K Asphalt is the preferred vendor of George Yeomelakis, Facilities Manager of Harvard University’s Parking Services, for various parking lot repairs and concrete work around the University. According to Yeomelakis, “T&K is among the best vendors that I have worked with for our parking lot repairs. Their customer service is second to none.”

“The thing I like best about working with T&K is the commitment to customer service that starts from the top with Kevin [Gosnell],” states Yeomelakis. “There is a culture of great customer service that has been built at T&K and is practiced by everyone I have come in contact with there. From our sales contact, to the scheduling department, to the quality assurance team, I get a quick response to any call I make.”

According to Kevin Gosnell, President of T&K Asphalt, “We are thrilled to work for such a high-profile customer, but we treat all of our customers like they are VIPs. Our best effort is given to everyone – large or small.”

George recalls a job that was scheduled where Harvard had to cancel at the last minute because an event was booked using the lot that was about to be paved. “Their crew was already scheduled, but T&K accommodated us, even though we caused a major change to their schedule,” he remembers. “They placed customer service above an inconvenience to their own schedule to satisfy their customer.”

You might think that T&K goes above and beyond exclusively for their high profile customers. The truth is T&K’s quality of work and the commitment to customer service is the same whether you are someone as prestigious as Harvard University or as small as a mom and pop restaurant in the middle of nowhere.