T&K Asphalt Offers A Single Source For All Jordan’s Furniture Locations

Jordan's Furniture Multiple Location Maintenance and Planning

Keeping up with parking lot maintenance can be a real chore – especially if you have multiple parking lots. What one lot needs… they all need. Add specialized vendors who offer limited services, and you really have your hands full.

That was the issue faced by John Delprete, Facilities Operations Manager for Jordan’s Furniture. With four store locations, Delprete needed one asphalt vendor that could service all locations with a full suite of asphalt services – all while living up to Jordan’s Furniture’s famous high standard. He found what he was looking for in T&K Asphalt. “Consolidating all aspects of our asphalt care was a very big help. Prior to T&K, we did sealcoating and repair with one company and line striping with another,” recalls Delprete. “It’s wonderful having all aspects of asphalt care under one roof.”

T&K was able to work with Jordan’s Furniture to establish a yearly maintenance plan for all four parking lots.

Delprete also understands the importance of appearances. “Our parking lots are the first impression customers get and it must be a good one. We use colored lines to give our parking lot punch and nothing looks better than a fresh sealcoat job and newly painted bright lines.”

When completing a job, T&K works extra hard not to disrupt the flow of business. This can be tricky as the parking lot is the ‘welcome mat’ to the business. Often times, this means working after hours or sectioning out the job.

In the case of Jordan’s Furniture, Delprete agrees, “Scheduling, timing and communication are key components to the job that T&K does. All of these are vital because we are a seven-day a week company and employee schedules and retail business must be taken in to account when planning work at each store.”

One-stop shopping just makes life easier. Whether it’s furniture shopping or parking lot repairs, why shop around when you can get everything from one trusted source?