For Taco Bell, ‘Curb Appeal’ Means More Than Just A Pretty Restaurant

Taco Bell Enhanced Curb Appeal and Convenience

With 22 Taco Bell franchises, Roger Lockwood is a busy man. He is responsible for operating multiple restaurants that not only meet his strict standards, but also those of the Taco Bell Corporation. They must keep all restaurants in tip-top shape… inside and out.

For the upkeep of their parking lots, they turned to T&K Asphalt.  “T&K offers a one-stop shop and a single point of contact for all 15 locations, which makes my life easier”, says Lockwood. “They professionally survey each property and present me with a detailed report on each lot – complete with pictures and recommendations of remedies and costs. ” This detailed planning allows Lockwood to make informed decisions on what needs to be done, all while remaining on budget.

As a result, Lockwood is able to keep the properties looking fresh and new, therefore attracting more customers to the restaurant. “Curb appeal definitely translates into more business for our restaurants,” says Lockwood. “The inviting look of a restaurant properly landscaped and showing a clean parking lot with bright striping is enticing. If we show we care about how we look outside, it tells our customers we care about how we look and act inside, too.”

Once the projects are planned, T&K is able to deliver results. According to Lockwood, “T&K lives up to the expectations we set. T&K gets it done and on the pre-agreed time line.”

So, the next time you order from the drive thru at a Taco Bell, don’t just inspect your taco. Take the time to smell the flowers and… appreciate the condition of the parking lot. Ultimately, it all works to attract customers and portray the right image.