The Benefits of Sealcoating Your Driveway

Why Sealcoat

  • Beautifies and Protects
  • Easier to Clean & Maintain
  • Inexpensive
  • Extends Life of Asphalt
  • Resists Detergent Cleaners
  • Resists Water, Gas & Oil Spills
  • Retards Oxidation Damage
  • Easier Snow Removal
  • Enhances Curb Appeal

Sealcoating will give your driveway a rich, uniform color. It will add to the beauty of your home and protect the surface against heat, water, ice, cold, salt and oils, ensuring a longer life for your driveway.

The cost of asphalt is relative to the cost of oil. As the price of oil goes up, so does the price of asphalt. Therefore, it is important to preserve your driveway as long as possible to prevent from having to repave it. Sealcoating provides a protective layer on your driveway and saves you money in the longrun.

You spend a great deal of energy, time and expense making your home’s exterior beautiful and resilient. Your driveway deserves the same care and attention as your house and lawn. A dark, black sealed driveway enhances your home’s appearance and beautifies your property.